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30th-Jul-2011 08:09 am - Update
Hey, look at that, I can access LJ again. So...WHAT happened to it that made it suffer a massive failure?

Anyway, that good news I was going to tell you about soon? Yeah, that didn't happen. I was hoping to get a job back in Natchitoches but I wasn't hired :( So now I am back to the drawing board. If you happen to know of any place near you (I will move most anywhere) looking for copy-editors/proof-readers/publishing-related jobs, let me know :)

In other news I go to Disney Sunday night/Monday morning! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Here's hoping that I can cheer myself up with some belly dance retail therapy in the Morocco pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase, teehee.

Other than that, life is normal. I gained back all the weight I had lost due to job stress as mentioned above, so I'm trying to lose it again (I know...right before I go on vacation. Smart move, me, lol). In addition to my weekly belly dance class and hitting the gym from time to time, I downloaded "iMapMyWALK" to help me map out walking routes and calculate how many calories I'm burning (which I sadly haven't gotten to use much of due to our daily downpours) and "MyFitnessPal," which is a food diary which helps me calculate how many calories and percentages of daily food items I need in me to stay healthy. It really helps me with portion control, which was my biggest thing. And I tend to be a heavy snack person, and this has helped me control that. I've lost about 4 lbs. this week alone! Yay me! Now only about 15 more to go, haha :)

And Max called me last week! I was a very happy girl. Maybe I should just move to Korea and teach English like he did. I'm sure I would be able to make it, despite the language barrier...ah well, we shall see.

Lots of love, everyone!
14th-Jul-2011 02:09 pm - Writer's Block: Subtitles please
What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

"Please Teach Me English" And HELL NO. It wouldn't make ANY sense! You could change it so they are studying Spanish, but then it would come off as racist -_-

also, "Tale of Two Sisters." There is an American remake. It sucks ASS (and only tells half the movie! Fuck that!)
7th-Jul-2011 12:51 pm - You know...
...it really stinks having to wait so long for an answer on this job. But one more week (hopefully)...one more week...
24th-Jun-2011 10:35 am - I am alive, I swear!
I am alive! I was going to wait until next week, but I am le bored at work, so I'll fill you in on that end.

The school closed last month. For a week or so, it was just Ursula and I in the office, but now it's just me. So I sit here, five days a week, five hours a day, doing nothing but waiting for potential phone calls and faxes. It's mind-numbing, to say the least. But since I'm the only one here, I blast the KPop (currently listing to 2PM's new release, "Put Your Hand Up" on repeat. Damn catchy club songs!)

Seems I have a slight sinus infection. Monday night, it was a sore throat. Tuesday to Thursday, runny nose, but getting better with each passing day. Today, it's a cough and some stomach issues.

I hope I am well enough for tomorrow, though! Tomorrow is my belly dance gala! In case you didn't know, I started taking lessons back in October. It's so much fun! If you want a fun way to lose weight and gain some self-confidence, look into belly dancing, pretty ladies! :D It's done wonders for me. I feel/look like I lost a lot more weight than I have (even though I have lost about 10 lbs) because I carry myself better. Gotta love it. Expect pictures next week! In addition to (hopefully) update of AWESOME.
1st-Apr-2011 09:07 pm - Invincible
I got "Invincible" at about...oh...7 last night.

It is a 450+ page book.

I...finished it at 10:30 this morning.

I'm addicted to Kenyon. I can't help it :-)
31st-Mar-2011 10:36 am - Hello, LJ-land! it's been a while!
I really need to remember to update this thing more often :-)

Update on my life!

-Got the offical dates for when the office closes: Sept. 18th. I'm going to wait until after school gets out to really start job-hunting. I love this school/these kids too much to abandon them NOW. And 3 months should be plenty of time to find something new.

-I'm going with the school on their end of the year field trip. We're going to New Orleans and taking them to the Insectarium and the Aquarium. The kids are SUPER excited about it, and I'm glad I'm going to go with them. We also have our Field Day planned and a graduation/good-bye ceremony planned for the last day. We're sad the school won't be open next year, but we're going out on a bang!

-I am about to start Intermediate I Belly Dance lessons in April. I'm getting excited about the Gala in June. I miss being in dance recitals. Plus, pretty costume! :D

-Before I started belly dancing/dieting/gym membership, I weighed 160 lbs at my worst. I am now down to 147 lbs. :D I've gone down from wearing 12s to 10s, and the bridesmaid dress I wore last year, that fit me perfectly, is now waaay to big for me to wear without flopping out all over the place. My legs look AMAZING, if I do say-so myself. I'm very proud of myself and plan on keeping up the good work :-)

Um...that's really been about it. I promise to update more often!
17th-Mar-2011 07:26 pm - Stolen from Kimberly
Put this list in order the way it occurred in your life.

Get married
Buy a house
Get Pregnant
Have baby #1
Have baby #2
Have baby #3
Have baby #4
Graduate college
Graduate high school
Meet significant other
Meet who you hoped was your significant other but wasn't
Move out of parent's house for good
Start college
Become gainfully employed
Buy a car
Get drunk for the first time
Get a cell phone
Get divorced.

Met who you hoped was your significant other but wasn't
Get a cell phone
Graduate high school
Start college
Graduate college
Move out of parent's house for good
Get drunk for the first time
Become gainfully employed
17th-Mar-2011 09:03 am - Thanks!
So, checked my email this morning and saw that someone got me a userhead for LJ. Thanks, jiggles! BTW...love the 2NE1 gifs on your profile page :)
11th-Mar-2011 07:41 am - Prayer/Good Thought requests
Hey guys. In case you didn't know, Japan got hit with a major earthquake early this morning American time. I'm asking you to pray/have good thoughts for everyone there as it seems to be pretty bad. I also have two friends over in Japan right now, one of which is currently stuck in her office (at least, that's her update about three hours ago).

So yeah, thoughts and prayers for the people of Japan please :(
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